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November 28, 2007


C. W.

I randomly started drinking bourbon, and I def. randomly crossed paths with this page. I too am a Minneapolis dweller and have rapidly begun to love the sweet, smokey hot joy that is bourbon. I have to agree with all your selections. All of my top favorites. However, I find Evan Williams single barrel to be the best compromise of taste for money. Surdyk's in NE Minneapolis (as im sure you know of) has, by far, the best selection in the twin cities. Evan Williams comes in at about $21 while makers mark stands around 28 and they all go up from there. Well, good post and I raise this glass to you, sir.

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Thank you for sharing this info. It has opened my eyes. I have to think about the young people and I want someone with experience and someone I know loves his country. Obama is too much of a radical and he cast 130 present votes as Senator because he is hiding his true beliefs. He is definitely a socialist.Why else would the mainstream news organizations not be investigating and reporting his associations with radicals. Because they share his socialist views.If John Mccain had been assoc. with communist and Bill Ayers they would be all over him the way they are all over Joe the Plumber and Palin.
It is so clear. Why are people in denial. Are people so immoral that they no longer recognize wrong doing?

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The cartoon like others such as the old Dagwood and Blondie in the 50s or Peanuts resonates because of a kernel of truth at which we can chuckle not an accurate mapping of reality. To try to turn this into some big life lesson with homilies about intervention for social change is something that Scott Adams and the Dilbert gang could probably have a lot of fun with.

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