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September 28, 2007



I'm also a qualified friend of the snark. One of my favorites is Colson Whitehead's vivisection of Richard Ford in the New York Times. I suspect they cook at a very precise temperature, somewhere between the wisecrack and the tantrum. I think that, however deft, they have to be passionate, rather than glib, and yet the passion has to clarify the writing. A certain self-knowledge on the part of the reviewer probably doesn't hurt, either "If self-absorption, vague yearnings and a nagging sense of incompleteness are sins, then surely I will burn for all eternity, and I will save you a seat." (Whitehead)


K -

I missed that one... will have to go look it up. Maybe that could become a permanent Hotel Zero page (something in the spirit of my pal Dack's Savage Critics page).

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